About Us

Nelson Quality Welders Ltd was established in 1979 by former Rolls-Royce employee, Thomas Plummer, with the vision of offering a specialist sub-contract welding service on products that demand maximum accountability in terms of quality controls.
Situated in East Lancashire in the North West of England, Nelson Quality Welders Ltd operates among the UK's premier cluster of aerospace manufacturers, service providers, and research institutions.

For over 40 years Nelson Quality Welders Ltd has provided highly specialised, innovative, and cost-effective welding solutions to some of the most dominant firms in the aerospace industry with our extensive capabilities in aerospace applications being backed by key personnel possessing specialist knowledge and in-depth experience within the field of aero-engine technology.

Our specialist activities involve manual and semi-automatic TIG welding and hardfacing operations on a wide range of gas turbine stator and rotor blade components, plus welding operations on various engine and airframe components.  We are a Nadcap accredited firm for welding and a Rolls-Royce Approved Supplier for both Hardface Welding (RPS253) and Fusion Welding (RPS184).

We also offer more general TIG and MIG welding services to the commercial sector in addition to low and intermediate temperature flame brazing.

For more information on the wide range of services we offer please see the Services section of the website.