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Aerospace Welders

Nelson Quality Welders Ltd has been serving the aerospace and power-generation industries for over 40 years, acting as a sub-tier supplier to some of the biggest names in the sectors such as Rolls-Royce, Man Turbo, Pratt & Whitney, GE, Score Group, Ansaldo Thomassen, and Siemens.  Our historic and current Rolls-Royce engine portfolio includes Spey, Tay, Avon, Pegasus, RB211, Trent 700/800/1000/1000TEN, and Pearl.  We are currently active within the supply-chain carrying out weld operations, and engaging with potential customers, on next-generation engines, such as the Rolls-Royce Advance and UltraFan engines, reinforcing our commitment to a greener future for air travel.
We have long held a reputation for excellence within these specialist industries, and our operatives undertake rigorous training and regular testing to applicable customer specifications in order to to ensure that this reputation is upheld.  Our expertise in aerospace application procedures is reflected in the various certificates and approvals that we possess, namely the Nadcap and AS9100 accreditations and Rolls-Royce Approval.
Our specialist activities within the aerospace and power-generation fields include manual TIG welding and hardfacing operations on a wide range of engine and airframe components including Turbine Blades, Compressor Blades, Nozzle Guide Vanes (NGVs), Liners, Seal Segments, Fastener Assemblies,  Support Assemblies, Front and Rear Bearing Houses, Air Intake Snouts, Heat Shield Assemblies, and various bracket components.  Activities also extend to welding various valve components for fueling systems.
   Examples of weld applications on turbine blades